Belgian Man Records

Belgian Man Records is a collective of artists that began in lovely, historic Concord, MA, but is currently based in Chicago, IL.

We record music, film videos, make art, and play shows.

All of our music is licensed under a Creative Commons by-nc license, which means you’re free to share, remix, and re-use it non-commercially, provided you give attribution to the artist. If you’d like to use Belgian Man music commercially, email Andrew.

The Heavy Burden Of Existentialism Album

Luc Lacerte: Masterer

Owen McGarry: Producer, Cover Artist

Three years in the making, the composition of Owen Payette McGarry’s The Heavy Burden of Existentialism has spanned three continents and five countries. In this piece, the four channels of the Nintendo gameboy dance and drone contemplatively to invoke bleak, nuanced landscapes evocative of the dynamism and malignant nature of South Pacific surrounding the composer on the cover. Within the somber waves of each piece are clandestine suggestions of classical beauty, presented fleetingly to beguile the supplicant listener. This ephemeral human quality ultimately culminates in the piece titled The Barrens with the addition of vocals performed Katie Greenwood Ross. However, even during these most unguarded and comparatively venerable moments, the humanity is buried, burdened and muddy, struggling to stay at the surface of the cold consuming torrent of two-bit force and as we listen, common sense tells us that our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness.


Music by Owen Payette McGarry except where noted, Mastering by Luc Lacerte, Album cover by Owen Payette McGarry, Cover photography by Erik Schiller

Driftoff EP

5am: Producer

In Driftoff, 5AM takes you on a journey through funkadelic beatscapes and glitch-glazed electro-soul, where glitch hop meets post-Dilla. Amid the chaos of the digital, you can hear something very human.

Tokyo Megaplex on Press

Tokyo Megaplex

1833 posted a fantastic one-liner about Tokyo Megaplex’s new R Kelly bootleg, Flurtacious:

This song has it all – an insane drum solo, T-pain, and most importantly a sense of humor.

Kuh-Lida and Tokyo Megaplex in Your EDM Press

Tokyo Megaplex


Tokyo Megaplex and Kuh-Lida have been doing some KrAzY CoLLaBs. Your EDM just featured their track Fuzzy Dice.

Boston meets Chicago with the premiere of “Fuzzy Dice,” a new single from the collaborative efforts of Tokyo Megaplex and Kuh-Lida. Their jolly future bass creation is the perfect song to pull you out of the Winter blues, if you have them. The thing I really like about future stuff is the fact that many producers aren’t afraid to push the envelope, and that is exactly what happened here. You have off the wall ideas, with the sound shifting throughout the entire production. I think the term “fresh” was meant for songs like that, especially with “Fuzzy Dice.” These two acts did a mighty fine job with this song, and I hope to see listener’s flocking to it. Don’t be one to let your friends sleep on it, so download this gem for free and share it around to the squad.

Check it out on Your EDM!!

Haunted Coastlines LP

Fenn Macon: Producer

Luc Lacerte: Masterer

Belgian Man Records and Hear Now Records are excited to team up for the release of Fenn Macon’s new tape, Haunted Coastlines! Drawing on influences from Dream Pop, Emo, Footwork, and Post-Rock, Fenn blends these together with an increased emphasis on vocal manipulation and guitar work.


Thanks to Hannah for the photo, Jasper for the bass, Luc for mastering, Ziyad for tape pressing, my friends, my family, and everyone at Belgian Man and Hear Now ~ FM

Kuh-Lida mix for Oishii Katsudon News

Tokyo Megaplex



Myles Emmons (aka Kuh-Lida) (aka Animals Deluxe) just released a swaggy mix on Oishii Katsudon, Charlie Abbott’s Japanese-English music blog.

Oishii Katsudon writes,

Suuuper fortunate to host this yummy yummy mix from this boundary-pushing homie.  From dripping Matthewdavid jams, to the gamecube vibes from Tokyo Megaplex, to the glitched out atmospheres of Madegg, to the gro0oOoOvin bass heavy jams from the man himself, to the chops//edits//blends that’ll make you say (((o ya))), this mix will keep you on your feeet 4ever!!!!  Be sure to peep Kuh-Lida’s absolutely cla$$ic catalogue, visual arts collective Real Boy Digital, label Stereocure, and be on the lookout for some new Kuh-Lida tunes sooosooooooooon :D :D :D :D :D

Check out the mix over at Oishii Katsudon

Sentient System CD Pressing News

Matthew Gallagher

Matthew Gallagher’s album Sentient System, released under his fantastic Machine Listener project was just released in a super-limited CD edition by SKSK records. The CD is mastered by Wyatt Howland.

CDs are available on the Machine Listener Bandcamp

Oishii Katsudon News


Oishii Katsudon is a new blog in Japanese and English led by Charlie Abbott, aka RYV.

Charlie has the inside scoop on the burgeoning Kyoto production scene, so this is definitely a site to watch. I’ve always wanted him to recommend me music every day. Now he can.

Here’s an excerpt from a feature they recently published on Madegg.

Thoughtfully experimental, hyper compressed, Kyoto-based artist Madegg is our first artist feature. Having recently performed alongside artists like Ryoji Ikeda, FaltyDL, The Field, Tim Hecker, and more, Madegg has been picking up steam in the last year or so.

With a dense, 11-album catalog of original material released since 2010 through some of Japan’s d0pest labels for electronic and experimental music, Madegg’s sonic style delivers thought provoking brain massages.

Check out the rest on Oishii Katsudon

Introducing BL!ND SC!ENT!STS News




BL!ND SC!ENT!STS, the new duo of SCRVB and CHENZ released their first single, ∆BSENCE XF THXVGHT. It bangs.

The origin of the BL!ND SC!ENT!STS is hard to accurately pin down. Somewhere along the line, two emcees by the names of CHENZ and SCRVB crossed paths after suffering from separate yet equally severe accidents that left the two entirely without sight. But now, for the first time, blessed with the powerful forces of beats and rhyme, the BL!ND SC!ENT!STS have emerged from the very depths of the underground to bring you their very first single ∆BSENCE XF THXVGHT.

Check it out on their bandcamp



MAYBEWISE is playing at TRUEWAVE on the 29th of August, along with Flamingosis, and Louis Futon.

You know what they say. The first taste is sweet. But the second is the one that gets you hooked. TRUEWAVE is back like trapper keepers and lunchline cuts. We’d like to thank everyone who supported us with the first edition. Big Time Vibes. This time around we’ve tightened up a few things and brought on a few new residents. You can expect enhanced party visuals, songs that probably won’t wobble, vibes so thick you need 3 Slurpee straws, and room to actually dance. So drop by again Philly. No pressure. We’ll just be chillin.

Truly yours, TRUEWAVE

You can get tickets on eventbrite, or find more deets on TRUEWAVE’s Facebook

TOKYOMEGAPLEX interview and guest mix on EGM Press

Tokyo Megaplex

TOKYOMEGAPLEX was featured on the EGM podcast.

Better known by his project name Tokyo Megaplex, he provides a healthy 40 minute mix of the craziest mashups and tropical feels! We also have for the first time a short interview between the two of us where he tells me about his steps towards making a mix, his upcoming projects and collaborations, and how he started his music career!

Check it out on their Soundcloud

Introducing Wafelijzer News

Andrew Monks

I’m super excited to publically release Wafelijzer, the software that powers the Belgian Man website.

Wafelijzer is web software you can use to make a beautiful and easy-to-run website for your record label or collective.

You can get it up and running in 5 minutes or less, and add artists, albums, news, videos, or even sell merch using the simple online interface.

Wafelijzer looks fantastic out-of-the-box, but it’s also totally customizable. Theme it up to your heart’s content.

You can find more details on the Wafelijzer page.