Arjun Mathur

Arjun Mathur DJs as DJ MATH, hosts Belgian Man Events at his venue, Arjuntina, and makes album covers for many Belgian Man releases.

Belgian Man Apocalypse 2012 Live

Tokyo Megaplex: Performer

Andrew Monks: Visualist

Arjun Mathur: Performer

Fenn Macon: Performer

Rave Matthew's Band: Performer

SCRVB: Performer

Belgian Man Apocalypse 2012
held on 12/21/2012 by Belgian Man Reocrds, at Arjuntina |

Shot by Charlie Abbott

Edited (barely) by Andrew Monks

Tokyo Megaplex |
Fenn Macon |
MC Scrub |
Rave Matthew’s Band |
Leaftype |

visuals by CLOWN |

Enemies, Closer! LP

Arjun Mathur: Cover Artist

Fenn Macon: Producer

Recorded over the course of 2011, Enemies, Closer! is RTFM’s debut album. It was inspired by hazy freshman dorms, motivation, and old flames.


Written/Recorded by Fenn Macon Mastered/Engineered by Andrew Monks

Enter The Megaplex Live Mix

Tokyo Megaplex: Producer

Arjun Mathur: Cover Artist

The live mix from Sophie’s Basement show on May 28, 2011. It’s split into thirteen tracks, each with it’s own unique track art.


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