Real Name: Sam Andrus

Have you ever suddenly realized it’s 5am? Sam Andrus has, many times. After attending the Rhode Island School of Design he decided to throw himself into electronic music. Using a guitar, countless max for live plugins, an evolving sound design palette and an affinity for space bass, 5am leads expeditions into the unknown through sound, crafting synesthetic beats that synthesize the real and the imaginary, and blur the familiar and the unrecognizable.

A. Campbell Payne

Campbell is an audiovisual artist, blogger, DJ, and sound engineer based in Concord, MA. His work explores patterns, chance, repetition, and transcendence.

Campbell is the founder of ¡¡¡THEZONE!!!: Concord’s first experimental netlabel. Belgian Man absorbed ¡¡¡THEZONE!!!’s catalog in 2012.

Andrew Monks

Member Of:

Andrew Monks is a founder of Belgian Man Records. He releases music under the name clown, and contributes album artwork to many Belgian Man releases. He made this website.

Andrew, David Yanofsky, and Charlie Abbott make up the Big Trucks, Belgian Man’s original band.

Arjun Mathur

Arjun Mathur DJs as DJ MATH, hosts Belgian Man Events at his venue, Arjuntina, and makes album covers for many Belgian Man releases.






Real Name: Chris Johst

B∩MSTEAD is a producer and visual artist currently based out of Providence, RI. At the time of writing he is watching Titan A.E. for the first time. It isn’t very good.


Real Name: Max Ricci

Member Of:

CHENZ (also known as Max Ricci, Rax Micci, or House Doctor Flow Physician) is Brighton, MA-based hip hop artist. He was formerly a part of Rich Bizness with Ekoj M, and now raps as a part of BL!ND SC!ENCE.

Countless Others


Countless Others is the electronic pop project of Sam Fisher. The project formerly included Charlie Abbott, currently releasing music as RYV.

Though no longer publishing with Belgian Man, Countless Others publishes music independently via countlessothers.com. Countless Other’s self-titled album is slated for release in late April, 2013.

David Yanofsky

Member Of:

David Yanofsky was a founder of Belgian Man Records. He contributes album artwork and videos to many Belgian Man releases. You can find his photography at davidyanofsky.com.

David, Andrew Monks, and Charlie Abbott make up the Big Trucks, Belgian Man’s original band.


Real Name: Daniel Babai

Dephrase is Daniel Babai, a Boston-based producer with roots in hip-hop and love for all music. By resampling original material and using heavy analog synthesis, Daniel strives to evoke the soulful feelings of hip-hop through home-grown samples and carefully crafted synths. Tempted by the Golden Era of hip-hop as well as recent happenings in the urban electronic realm, Daniel has recently dove into the music production in an attempt to define human and natural interactions through the creation of sound. He loves to work with musicians and artists of all sorts, broadening his scope of knowledge as well as spreading love and good cheer to others.


Real Name: David Dolan

David Dolan is a Boston-based musician and artist. He releases his music under the name EXIN.

Fenn Macon

Fenn Macon is a guitarist, songwriter, and electronic musician based out of Worcester and historic North Andover, MA.

Fenn is currently working on a new album of original music.


Real Name: Emiliano Flowerman

Member Of:

All of Emiliano Flowerman’s friends will tell you that he loves food. They might tell you that he likes music too, but mostly just food. Depending on the day, they might also tell you that he likes puppies, being red-green color blind, and brand new socks. He produces music under the pseudonym FLWRS. A recent graduate of Oberlin College, Emiliano will be moving to Brooklyn, NY in August.

Emiliano is one half of the duo FLWRS + Maralisa, along with Maralisa Simmons-Cook. Their debut EP, Muddy Your Feet, came out in June 2013.

Emiliano traps on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.

FLWRS + Maralisa


Each pursuing music in their respective cities, longtime friends Emiliano and Maralisa have recently joined in the collaborative musical endeavor FLWRS + Maralisa. The project features floating vocals in the jazz/soul idiom with lyrics written by Maralisa, while Emiliano’s full production of this avant-garde electropop sound provides a heavy underbelly. The two hope to begin booking shows under the collaborative title FLWRS + Maralisa, appearing soon in the NYC area.

Kimbo Slice

Real Name: Andrew Dempsey

Kimbo Slice is Andrew Dempsey, a DJ and producer based out of Somerville, MA.


Real Name: Liz Wood

Based out of Massachusetts, Liz Wood (who goes by Kittenmildew) sells ukuleles at the oldest specialty toy shop in America. She can be found playing in the streets of Boston and Harvard Square.

Liz Wood’s sound is unique and perhaps an acquired taste, but between the yodels and screeches her voice is sweet, with ukulele skills to match.


Real Name: Myles Emmons

Kuh-Lida is the moniker of Myles Emmons, a musician from Chicago, IL. You can check out all of his creative works on his website.

He’s released five albums with Belgian Man: his January 2012 debut, Snacks, Money Hustard, in May 2012, Savage Casual, in August 2012, High Top Blazers, in February 2013, and most recently HIGH ADVENTURE. High Adventure was released jointly by Belgian Man Records and Stereocure. There are also physical tapes available, directly from Myles.

Silver To Gold was recorded by Myles Emmons and Ross Chait. The album features Josh Sushman on the introduction track, followed by a three-part reading of Silver To Gold, originally written by Cornelius Cardew for the Scratch Orchestra. It was released by Ilse Music.


Real Name: Christopher Knollmeyer

Leaftype is Christopher Knollmeyer, an electronic musician from Lincoln, MA. He studies music technology at Calarts. He also plays keyboards and drums.

Maralisa Simmons Cook

Member Of:

Maralisa Simmons-Cook is a Brooklyn based jazz/soul singer from the San Francisco Bay Area pursuing her studies as a vocalist at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. Carrying strong ties to Bay Area funk and soul, Maralisa incorporates the jazz idiom as well as New York’s rising alternative soul scene into her vocals.

Since moving to New York in August of 2011, Maralisa has appeared in venues throughout the city including The Bitter End and Rockwood Music Hall, and is currently songwriting and performing as a background vocalist with Sheriff Ariff & The Wali Sanga.

Presently, she is involved in several collaborations, notably FLWRS + Maralisa, a vocal electronic duo between she and longtime friend Emiliano Flowerman. Their first EP, entitled

Matthew Gallagher

Member Of:

Matthew Gallagher is a Boston born Guitarist, Producer, and Visual Artist currently in his fourth year at Oberlin College.

He has released 2 EP’s with Oberlin synth pop outfit Wax Monsters as well as a full-length album with Boston based synth rock group Whitey & The Cadillac Franks.

Matthew has also been involved in organizing a number of DIY shows in the Oberlin area and has shared the stage with acts such as Class Actress, Kevin Greenspon, BIRTHDAYS, Little Spoon, Kuh-Lida, Chrome Sparks, Pepepiano, Countless Others, and Skeleton Zoo.

New releases by Wax Monsters and Whitey & The Cadillac Franks are anticipated in spring of 2013.

For bookings or further inquiries, email Matthew.

Max Krieger

Max Krieger is from Providence, RI currently residing in Roxbury, MA. He has been creating electronic music since the age of nine, evolving his style through experimental mediums of music and art. His method relies heavily on the random intricacies of machines that he works and tinkers with. Music is made by exploring, capturing, and morphing sound. Though currently reclusive, Max continues to sharpen his skills and explore the infinite sounds of the electronic universe.


Real Name: Peter Morrow

If you had to ask Peter and Patrick what their music sounds like, they’d probably have a hard time putting their answer into words. As natural sound/touch synesthetes, chances are they’d much prefer to describe it in terms of feels. Or maybe just the things they hit with sticks to make silly noises.

Peter and his leporine familiar, Patrick, are MAYBEWISE, an exploration into the more visceral corners of the future bass scene, walking through a contemplative blur between abstract space and dark UK club. Welcome to the Fishbowl, released on the Belgian Man Records imprint on 5/31/14, is at once a culmination and deconstruction of 10 years of intake and output, finding a strange place where autonomic, UKG, and oldskool dubstep can all play together.

When not recording funny sounds in the park, Peter and Patrick can be found in the left part of Philadelphia.


Real Name: Sam Von Horn

Sam Horn is an electronic music producer/video artist out of Los Angeles. Music is his method, Modus is his name. The robot loves you.

Nice Power


For really real, my attractive and urbane listener. Me and my best friend Alex Meiers were walking along Paris minding our own biz one day when handsome gargoyles on the facade of Notre Dame, or maybe urban falcons–it’s hard to say, arched gracefully overhead and dropped the ableton files for Sounds Good BB <3 carefully into our hands. That’s exactly what happened.

Influenced by Brainfeeder and Soulection stuff, T!be, Dorian Concept, French House, experimental hip hop, sound art, etc. (also with a background in multi-instrumental musical theory); you can’t describe Nice Power because it’s from the future l0l. But you can hear it and it will make you happy! Damn, whp$hhhh!

We would love you to listen!

Much love,

Sam Balfus and Alex Meiers AKA Nice Power <3

Chicago, Los Angeles, and Paris

Owen McGarry

Member Of:

Owen Payette McGarry is a maker and musician based out Wellington, New Zealand. He is a member of i am (noun), with Remy Steele, and Polar Bear, with Aaron fartmouth Gundy. He releases music under his own name and as Machinery Of Nature.

Rave Matthew's Band


Rave Matthew’s Band, (formerly DJ Wars) is a project between Providence, RI d.j.s Remy Steele, also of i am (noun), and Luc Lacerte. They’re alternating back and forth creating heavy electro dubstep mixes. Their first set, 1-4, came out in February of 2012, and their second set, 5-8, came out in September 2012.


Real Name: Charlie Abbott

Member Of:

Charlie Abbott is a DJ, musician, and a student of music technology at Oberlin Conservatory. He releases music as RYV.

Charlie, David Yanofsky, and Andrew Monks make up the Big Trucks.

Charlie is a former member of Countless Others.


Real Name: Judd Mitchell

Member Of:



S C R V B L 0 R D

Tokyo Megaplex

Real Name: Chris Rutledge

Chris Rutledge has been making music since the day he was born. He’s based in Providence, Rhode Island. He has released music as DJ Kristöffer and Tokyo Megaplex.