Real Name: Max Ricci

Member Of:

CHENZ (also known as Max Ricci, Rax Micci, or House Doctor Flow Physician) is Brighton, MA-based hip hop artist. He was formerly a part of Rich Bizness with Ekoj M, and now raps as a part of BL!ND SC!ENCE.

Introducing BL!ND SC!ENT!STS News




BL!ND SC!ENT!STS, the new duo of SCRVB and CHENZ released their first single, ∆BSENCE XF THXVGHT. It bangs.

The origin of the BL!ND SC!ENT!STS is hard to accurately pin down. Somewhere along the line, two emcees by the names of CHENZ and SCRVB crossed paths after suffering from separate yet equally severe accidents that left the two entirely without sight. But now, for the first time, blessed with the powerful forces of beats and rhyme, the BL!ND SC!ENT!STS have emerged from the very depths of the underground to bring you their very first single ∆BSENCE XF THXVGHT.

Check it out on their bandcamp