Fenn Macon

Fenn Macon is a guitarist, songwriter, and electronic musician based out of Worcester and historic North Andover, MA.

Fenn is currently working on a new album of original music.

Haunted Coastlines LP

Fenn Macon: Producer

Luc Lacerte: Masterer

Belgian Man Records and Hear Now Records are excited to team up for the release of Fenn Macon’s new tape, Haunted Coastlines! Drawing on influences from Dream Pop, Emo, Footwork, and Post-Rock, Fenn blends these together with an increased emphasis on vocal manipulation and guitar work.


Thanks to Hannah for the photo, Jasper for the bass, Luc for mastering, Ziyad for tape pressing, my friends, my family, and everyone at Belgian Man and Hear Now ~ FM

VIDEOJAMZ #3 - Kuh-Lida + a peek behind the scenes Demo

Fenn Macon: Video

Kuh-Lida: Music

This videojam has 2 Kuh-Lida songs on it, “Riding Shotgun In The Batmobile” and “Things I Have Done [iloveyouall]” from his album High Top Blazers. As you can see, I kind of set this one loose and watched what it came up with, which blew me away. Also, to get the process started, I had to fiddle with some stuff in my patch. I usually do this with touchOSC or with a separate monitor, but in keeping with Kuh-Lida’s Chicago roots, this was a quick and dirty jam.


Since Sixteen LP

Fenn Macon: Producer

Since Sixteen is a collection of songs that I’ve written and rewritten over the past five years of my life. It is a record about the search for security, home, friends, a stable relationship, and a better mental state. These songs have been the closest thing I’ve ever kept to a journal, the lyrics come from mantras that continually ran through my head as I’ve been growing and trying to find my place in the world. I’d like to think that I have things figured out, but I’m sure that I’ll look back at these years and realize that I was wrong about everything. When I was sixteen, I was in a band. By the end of my freshman year of college, all of my peers and I were making music on a laptop. As we’ve been exploring the electronic music realm, I’ve found myself increasingly drawn to the music of my past, on long walks and secret drives listening to old mixtapes filled with Death Cab and Brand New songs. I’ve been trying to find a way to marry the two styles in some form and bring the songs I’ve been writing on various pianos and guitars to life. This album couldn’t have been made without everyone in my life, and I want to extend a special thanks to Ailey for singing on †rain†racks//ceme†eries, Since Sixteen, and Hopscotch, and also to Marina for singing on Let It Die. I also want to thank Luc Lacerte for his amazing work mastering the record, Paul Puiia for artwork, Jasper Boyd for engineering the vocals, everyone at Belgian Man Records, and all my friends and family for supporting and putting up with me.

How You Feel Fighting Temptation All The Time EP

Andrew Monks: Cover Artist

Fenn Macon: Producer

Luc Lacerte: Masterer

Sam Balfus: Cover Artist

How You Feel Fighting Temptation All The Time is an EP that attempts to distill feelings of longing, hope, and fear into synth tones, vocal samples, and dense rhythms.

The three songs form an arc that traces a long distance relationship.


Special thanks to Belo, Ian, Carlos, Monks, Sam, and Luc

Music by Fenn Macon Album cover by Sam Balfus and Andrew Monks Mastering by Luc Lacerte

http://blgn.mn/fenn http://blgn.mn/monks http://blgn.mn/luc

Belgian Man Apocalypse 2012 Live

Tokyo Megaplex: Performer

Andrew Monks: Visualist

Arjun Mathur: Performer

Fenn Macon: Performer

Rave Matthew's Band: Performer

SCRVB: Performer

Belgian Man Apocalypse 2012
held on 12/21/2012 by Belgian Man Reocrds, at Arjuntina
http://belgianman.com | blgn.mn

Shot by Charlie Abbott

Edited (barely) by Andrew Monks

Tokyo Megaplex | http://blgn.mn/djk
Fenn Macon | http://blgn.mn/fenn
DJ MATH | http://blgn.mn/arjun
MC Scrub | http://blgn.mn/scurb
Rave Matthew’s Band | http://blgn.mn/luc
Leaftype | http://blgn.mn/leaftype

visuals by CLOWN | http://blgn.mn/monks


Andrew Monks: Cover Artist

Kittenmildew: Samples

Fenn Macon: Producer

△GILIT▽ is six tracks by Fenn Macon built around samples from the Liz Wood album sessions.


Music by Fenn Macon http://blgn.mn/fenn Samples Liz Wood http://blgn.mn/liz Album cover by Andrew Monks http://blgn.mn/monks Mastered by Eric Devenney http://soundcloud.com/mrbankz

Pianophant Single

Andrew Monks: Cover Artist

Fenn Macon: Remixer

LEAFTYPE: Producer

Owen McGarry: Remixer

Thanks to everyone at CalArts who helped me Fenn and Owen, too.

But also you and other peeps. And Germany. Thanks, Germany.

—Christopher Knollmeyer


Written and produced by Christopher Knollmeyer Album cover by Andrew Monks

Cowards & Ghosts EP

Andrew Monks: Cover Artist

Fenn Macon: Producer

Cowards & Ghosts is Fenn Macon’s fourth release as RTFM. It was recorded during early 2012. The album is inspired by Achewood, a comic by Chris Onstad.


Written and produced by Fenn Macon. Album cover by Andrew Monks

Enemies, Closer! LP

Arjun Mathur: Cover Artist

Fenn Macon: Producer

Recorded over the course of 2011, Enemies, Closer! is RTFM’s debut album. It was inspired by hazy freshman dorms, motivation, and old flames.


Written/Recorded by Fenn Macon Mastered/Engineered by Andrew Monks

Autumn Mix EP

Andrew Monks: Cover Artist

Fenn Macon: Producer

A quick mix, made half while learning Ableton and half using Logic. Samples Used: Jon Brion - Phone Call 50gnar - Machine Elves Ciara - Promise