Real Name: Emiliano Flowerman

Member Of:

All of Emiliano Flowerman’s friends will tell you that he loves food. They might tell you that he likes music too, but mostly just food. Depending on the day, they might also tell you that he likes puppies, being red-green color blind, and brand new socks. He produces music under the pseudonym FLWRS. A recent graduate of Oberlin College, Emiliano will be moving to Brooklyn, NY in August.

Emiliano is one half of the duo FLWRS + Maralisa, along with Maralisa Simmons-Cook. Their debut EP, Muddy Your Feet, came out in June 2013.

Emiliano traps on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.

Muddy Your Feet EP EP

FLWRS: Cover Designer

FLWRS + Maralisa: Producer

“This is our debut EP We worked really hard Please enjoy it and Muddy your feet with us We love you

Thank you for listening, please share with your family, friends, and enemies!” —Emiliano & Maralisa


http://blgn.mn/flwrs+maralisa http://blgn.mn/flwrs http://blgn.mn/maralisa http://belgianman.com

Vocals & Lyrics: Maralisa Simmons-Cook Production: Emiliano (FLWRS) Flowerman

Mixing: Emiliano Flowerman Mastering: Brad Dollar Artwork: Emiliano Flowerman Photo and Video Editing: Justin Halliwill

Remixes by Chris Johst, and Fenn Macon Remixes mastered by Luc Lacerte http://blgn.mn/bumstead http://blgn.mn/fenn http://blgn.mn/luc

Thank you to everyone who listened to demos, gave feedback, and supported us!

Special thank you to: Justin Halliwill Eliza HH Paul Flowerman Brad Dollar Matt Smith Connor Stock Gabe Kanengiser Lemon the Cat and the whole crew at Belgian Man Records