The Heavy Burden Of Existentialism Album

Luc Lacerte: Masterer

Owen McGarry: Producer, Cover Artist

Three years in the making, the composition of Owen Payette McGarry’s The Heavy Burden of Existentialism has spanned three continents and five countries. In this piece, the four channels of the Nintendo gameboy dance and drone contemplatively to invoke bleak, nuanced landscapes evocative of the dynamism and malignant nature of South Pacific surrounding the composer on the cover. Within the somber waves of each piece are clandestine suggestions of classical beauty, presented fleetingly to beguile the supplicant listener. This ephemeral human quality ultimately culminates in the piece titled The Barrens with the addition of vocals performed Katie Greenwood Ross. However, even during these most unguarded and comparatively venerable moments, the humanity is buried, burdened and muddy, struggling to stay at the surface of the cold consuming torrent of two-bit force and as we listen, common sense tells us that our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness.


Music by Owen Payette McGarry except where noted, Mastering by Luc Lacerte, Album cover by Owen Payette McGarry, Cover photography by Erik Schiller

Haunted Coastlines LP

Fenn Macon: Producer

Luc Lacerte: Masterer

Belgian Man Records and Hear Now Records are excited to team up for the release of Fenn Macon’s new tape, Haunted Coastlines! Drawing on influences from Dream Pop, Emo, Footwork, and Post-Rock, Fenn blends these together with an increased emphasis on vocal manipulation and guitar work.


Thanks to Hannah for the photo, Jasper for the bass, Luc for mastering, Ziyad for tape pressing, my friends, my family, and everyone at Belgian Man and Hear Now ~ FM

How You Feel Fighting Temptation All The Time EP

Andrew Monks: Cover Artist

Fenn Macon: Producer

Luc Lacerte: Masterer

Sam Balfus: Cover Artist

How You Feel Fighting Temptation All The Time is an EP that attempts to distill feelings of longing, hope, and fear into synth tones, vocal samples, and dense rhythms.

The three songs form an arc that traces a long distance relationship.


Special thanks to Belo, Ian, Carlos, Monks, Sam, and Luc

Music by Fenn Macon Album cover by Sam Balfus and Andrew Monks Mastering by Luc Lacerte

Bedroom Classics Vol. 1 Compilation

5am: Contributor, Masterer

A. Campbell Payne: Contributor

B∩MSTEAD: Contributor

David Yanofsky: Cover Artist

Dephrase: Contributor

EXIN MUSIC: Contributor

Kittenmildew: Contributor

Kuh-Lida: Contributor

LEAFTYPE: Contributor

Luc Lacerte: Masterer

Max Krieger: Contributor

Modus: Contributor

RYV: Contributor

Rave Matthew's Band: Contributor

SCRVB: Contributor

Tokyo Megaplex: Contributor

Bedroom Classics Vol. 1 is the second compilation album from Belgian Man Records. It includes sixteen previously unreleased tracks, each by a different artist.

Check out the video for can-f at


Check out Andrew Monks’ video for can-f dropping later today on

Album cover by David Yanofsky

Alternate covers by David Dolan, Matthew Gallagher, Max Krieger, and Owen McGarry

Mastering by Luc Lacerte and Sam Andrus

Squares Half-Lp

Andrew Monks: Cover Artist

Luc Lacerte: Masterer

LEAFTYPE: Producer

Squares is one half of a release by Christopher Knollmeyer. The other half, Spheres, was released on Stereocure, a new record label based in Los Angeles, California.


Music by Christopher Knollmeyer Mastering by Luc Lacerte Cover by Andrew Monks Photo by Michael Ciociola


RYV: Producer

David Yanofsky: Cover Artist

Luc Lacerte: Masterer

REDYELLOWVIOLET is the debut solo release by Charlie Abbott. Charlie is a student of Technology In Music And Related Arts, at Oberlin College’s conservatory. He is a member of the Big Trucks, and previously of Countless Others.

It contains a remix of Cold Front, by Scrub MC.


Music by Charlie Abbott Album cover by David Yanofsky Album cover photography by Jon Daigle Mastering by Luc Lacerte

Liz Wood LP

Andrew Monks: Engineer

David Yanofsky: Photographer

Kittenmildew: Producer, Cover Artist

Luc Lacerte: Masterer

Liz Wood’s sound is unique and perhaps an acquired taste, but between the yodels and screeches her voice is sweet, with ukulele skills to match.

Based out of Massachusetts, Liz sells ukuleles at the oldest specialty toy shop in America. She can be found playing in the streets of Boston and Harvard Square.

Liz began singing in elementary school and was always inspired by choir music and techno. Even though she was able to hit the high notes, she chose to stay in the lower range when around her classmates because she did not want to seem “too girly.” It wasn’t until 8th grade when she got her first ukulele and began doing musical theater that she decided to experiment with her head voice and whistle register. She now has a very wide vocal range, and does not hesitate to belt it out.

In 2008 Liz began posting cover songs on YouTube under the username: kittenmildew. Her most recognized video was a cover of MIA’s Paper Planes with over 70,000 views. However she had to take down most of her covers due to copyright laws. After that she began to focus on writing her own music. In 2009 she got the chance to play a show in New York with fellow YouTuber and ukulele player: Danielle Ate The Sandwich. She wishes that her ukulele playing had been more on point for that particular show, and therefore now thrives on self-improvement.

Quote: “I never expected to get any good at the ukulele, I just wanted to show people I could sing a song. It’s a great treat to play a stringed instrument. As a child I watched my dad play the guitar and thought I’d never be able to do that.”

There’s no doubt Liz Wood is a talented individual with a bright future ahead of her. Find her on YouTube if you’d like to book a show or drop a line.

Official Youtube channel: You can find the paper planes video here: and some of her other old covers here:


Created by Liz Wood and Belgian Man Records.

All songs by Liz Wood except Paper Planes, by MIA, and Jesus Loves Me, by CocoRosie.

Engineered by Andrew Monks. Mastered by Luc Lacerte.

Cover art by Liz Wood. Cover photo by David Yanofsky. Track list insert art by Todd Mercer.