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Matthew Gallagher is a Boston born Guitarist, Producer, and Visual Artist currently in his fourth year at Oberlin College.

He has released 2 EP’s with Oberlin synth pop outfit Wax Monsters as well as a full-length album with Boston based synth rock group Whitey & The Cadillac Franks.

Matthew has also been involved in organizing a number of DIY shows in the Oberlin area and has shared the stage with acts such as Class Actress, Kevin Greenspon, BIRTHDAYS, Little Spoon, Kuh-Lida, Chrome Sparks, Pepepiano, Countless Others, and Skeleton Zoo.

New releases by Wax Monsters and Whitey & The Cadillac Franks are anticipated in spring of 2013.

For bookings or further inquiries, email Matthew.

Sentient System CD Pressing News

Matthew Gallagher

Matthew Gallagher’s album Sentient System, released under his fantastic Machine Listener project was just released in a super-limited CD edition by SKSK records. The CD is mastered by Wyatt Howland.

CDs are available on the Machine Listener Bandcamp

Wax Monsters in Portals Press

Matthew Gallagher

Wax Monsters

Wax Monsters’ self-titled album was reviewed by Ian Stanley in Portals.

I love when music gets filtered through my brain in very cinematic terms. I suppose I should clarify that statement a bit. I am not talking about envisioning grandiose gestures or pretentious art house drivel… no, it’s more like cult trash favorites. B-movies, exploitation, low-budget shlock, generally just stuff that other people consider garbage. That’s where I wallow. So when I first listened to Oberlin, Ohio synth duo Wax Monsters‘ recent self-titled album my mind went right to my brains back catalog of outsider cinema.

You see the album play out in very movie-like terms, and the best part is that it is content to hop around from place to place, leaving it the responsibility of the listener to play catch-up. At times it sounds like the score for some lost 1980′s horror gem before switching to something much more science-fiction-based, all while operating safely within the world known as pop music. In fact, the first thing I asked member Matthew Gallagher about the album was if any particular genre movie scores played a part in inspiring the album’s sound. From there he told me about looking to artists like Philip Glass (who, don’t forget, scored Candyman and its sequel!), Oneohtrix Point Never, Joy Division, as well as a myriad of 1980′s pop stars for inspiration.

Check out the full article, along with an interview with Matt on Portals’ site.