Andrew Monks

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Andrew Monks is a founder of Belgian Man Records. He releases music under the name clown, and contributes album artwork to many Belgian Man releases. He made this website.

Andrew, David Yanofsky, and Charlie Abbott make up the Big Trucks, Belgian Man’s original band.

Introducing Wafelijzer News

Andrew Monks

I’m super excited to publically release Wafelijzer, the software that powers the Belgian Man website.

Wafelijzer is web software you can use to make a beautiful and easy-to-run website for your record label or collective.

You can get it up and running in 5 minutes or less, and add artists, albums, news, videos, or even sell merch using the simple online interface.

Wafelijzer looks fantastic out-of-the-box, but it’s also totally customizable. Theme it up to your heart’s content.

You can find more details on the Wafelijzer page.

Mhmm Video

Andrew Monks: Director

Modus: Producer

New single by Modus on Belgian Man Records

((fully realtime)) visuals by Andrew Monks

How You Feel Fighting Temptation All The Time EP

Andrew Monks: Cover Artist

Fenn Macon: Producer

Luc Lacerte: Masterer

Sam Balfus: Cover Artist

How You Feel Fighting Temptation All The Time is an EP that attempts to distill feelings of longing, hope, and fear into synth tones, vocal samples, and dense rhythms.

The three songs form an arc that traces a long distance relationship.


Special thanks to Belo, Ian, Carlos, Monks, Sam, and Luc

Music by Fenn Macon Album cover by Sam Balfus and Andrew Monks Mastering by Luc Lacerte

can-f Video

Andrew Monks: Director

RYV: Producer

Video by Andrew Monks for can-f by RYV, off of the Bedroom Classics Vol. 1 compilation on Belgian Man Records.

Belgian Man Apocalypse 2012 Live

Tokyo Megaplex: Performer

Andrew Monks: Visualist

Arjun Mathur: Performer

Fenn Macon: Performer

Rave Matthew's Band: Performer

SCRVB: Performer

Belgian Man Apocalypse 2012
held on 12/21/2012 by Belgian Man Reocrds, at Arjuntina |

Shot by Charlie Abbott

Edited (barely) by Andrew Monks

Tokyo Megaplex |
Fenn Macon |
MC Scrub |
Rave Matthew’s Band |
Leaftype |

visuals by CLOWN |


Andrew Monks: Cover Artist

Kittenmildew: Samples

Fenn Macon: Producer

△GILIT▽ is six tracks by Fenn Macon built around samples from the Liz Wood album sessions.


Music by Fenn Macon Samples Liz Wood Album cover by Andrew Monks Mastered by Eric Devenney

dj wars 5-8 DJ Mix

Andrew Monks: Cover Artist

Rave Matthew's Band: Producer

DJ Wars is a project between Providence, RI d.j.s Remy Steele, of i am (noun), and Luc Lacerte. They’re alternating back and forth creating heavy electro dubstep mixes, and these are the second four.


OM/NNI + //&~occur Single

Andrew Monks: Producer, Cover Artist

OM/NNI + //&~occur are two tracks by clown, exploring circular motion and pressure. They were recorded live using a custom-made wiimote-controlled sound generator.

“my frequencies mean business so you’d better listen on dopenasty headphones / speakers” —clown


music & album cover by Andrew Monks

Real avant-garde Kanye shit. Seriously. Dead-ass. LP

Tokyo Megaplex: Producer

Andrew Monks: Cover Artist

Real avant-garde Kanye shit. Seriously. Dead-ass. follows four mashup albums, three live records, and a slew of performances by Chris, released variously as DJ Kristöffer and Tokyo Megaplex. In RAGKSSDA, he combines original production and synthesis techniques with his extensive sampling experience. It’s his first album of original music.


Music by Chris Rutledge Album cover by Andrew Monks

Squares Half-Lp

Andrew Monks: Cover Artist

Luc Lacerte: Masterer

LEAFTYPE: Producer

Squares is one half of a release by Christopher Knollmeyer. The other half, Spheres, was released on Stereocure, a new record label based in Los Angeles, California.


Music by Christopher Knollmeyer Mastering by Luc Lacerte Cover by Andrew Monks Photo by Michael Ciociola

Transmission EP

Andrew Monks: Cover Artist

SCRVB: Rapper

Scrub MC is the Belmont, MA-based rapper and producer Judd Mitchell.

Transmission is his second rap release, following November 2011’s The Science Of Drifting Apart. The B-side is Burnin’, an original beat by Scrub MC.

The “I never smack a bitch ‘cause it’s wrong to harm animals” line is meant to satirize those who support violence against women.


Raps by Scrub MC; album cover by Andrew Monks. The beat used on Transmission is Fickle Sticks, by Damacha.

Judd: Andrew: Damacha:

Liz Wood LP

Andrew Monks: Engineer

David Yanofsky: Photographer

Kittenmildew: Producer, Cover Artist

Luc Lacerte: Masterer

Liz Wood’s sound is unique and perhaps an acquired taste, but between the yodels and screeches her voice is sweet, with ukulele skills to match.

Based out of Massachusetts, Liz sells ukuleles at the oldest specialty toy shop in America. She can be found playing in the streets of Boston and Harvard Square.

Liz began singing in elementary school and was always inspired by choir music and techno. Even though she was able to hit the high notes, she chose to stay in the lower range when around her classmates because she did not want to seem “too girly.” It wasn’t until 8th grade when she got her first ukulele and began doing musical theater that she decided to experiment with her head voice and whistle register. She now has a very wide vocal range, and does not hesitate to belt it out.

In 2008 Liz began posting cover songs on YouTube under the username: kittenmildew. Her most recognized video was a cover of MIA’s Paper Planes with over 70,000 views. However she had to take down most of her covers due to copyright laws. After that she began to focus on writing her own music. In 2009 she got the chance to play a show in New York with fellow YouTuber and ukulele player: Danielle Ate The Sandwich. She wishes that her ukulele playing had been more on point for that particular show, and therefore now thrives on self-improvement.

Quote: “I never expected to get any good at the ukulele, I just wanted to show people I could sing a song. It’s a great treat to play a stringed instrument. As a child I watched my dad play the guitar and thought I’d never be able to do that.”

There’s no doubt Liz Wood is a talented individual with a bright future ahead of her. Find her on YouTube if you’d like to book a show or drop a line.

Official Youtube channel: You can find the paper planes video here: and some of her other old covers here:


Created by Liz Wood and Belgian Man Records.

All songs by Liz Wood except Paper Planes, by MIA, and Jesus Loves Me, by CocoRosie.

Engineered by Andrew Monks. Mastered by Luc Lacerte.

Cover art by Liz Wood. Cover photo by David Yanofsky. Track list insert art by Todd Mercer.

DJ Wars 1-4 DJ Mix

Andrew Monks: Cover Artist

Rave Matthew's Band: Producer

The Bass feels so good We bump it all in the hood We ridiculous. —Luc Lacerte

What is that rumble? That shit’s my huge sub woofer Stop being a bitch. —Remy Steele


DJ Wars is a project between Providence, RI d.j.s Remy Steele, of i am (noun), and Luc Lacerte. They’re alternating back and forth creating heavy electro dubstep mixes, and these are the first four.

Production and mastering by Luc Lacerte and Remy Steele. Album and track art by Andrew Monks.

Cowards & Ghosts EP

Andrew Monks: Cover Artist

Fenn Macon: Producer

Cowards & Ghosts is Fenn Macon’s fourth release as RTFM. It was recorded during early 2012. The album is inspired by Achewood, a comic by Chris Onstad.


Written and produced by Fenn Macon. Album cover by Andrew Monks

Pianophant Single

Andrew Monks: Cover Artist

Fenn Macon: Remixer

LEAFTYPE: Producer

Owen McGarry: Remixer

Thanks to everyone at CalArts who helped me Fenn and Owen, too.

But also you and other peeps. And Germany. Thanks, Germany.

—Christopher Knollmeyer


Written and produced by Christopher Knollmeyer Album cover by Andrew Monks

The Science Of Drifting Apart EP

Andrew Monks: Cover Artist

SCRVB: Rapper, Producer

The Science Of Drifting Apart is Judd Mitchell’s debut hip-hop release as Blind Scientist. He’s previously released music as A. Spitz, Attix, Invisible Children, Grey Agent, and Creation.

The release consists of a single, Pigeonholed, produced by clown and sampling a beat by EL-P, and a B-side, Newsflash, produced by Blind Scientist.

Stop Saying Words Then Don't Stop Stopping Saying Them DJ Mix

Andrew Monks: Cover Artist

Owen McGarry: DJ

This is a new mix by Owen McGarry, of Machinery Of Nature and i am (noun).



Prutataaa - Afrojack & R3hab Rolling in the Heat (Heatwave Remix) - Adele & Jamie XX vs Cecile, Mr Lexx & Timberlee Latin Fever - Wolfgang Gartner Deodorant Can’t Fix Ugly - Iwrestledabearonce De-Pimp Act - Luke Vibert Shame on a Nigger - Wu Tang Clan U-1 - iamamiwhoami Horsey - Diplo Que Que - Diplo & Dillon Francis Latin Fever (Zedd remix) - Wolfgang Gartner DRINKIN’ BOYS - DJ OZMA Arms (Dylan Reece Remix) - Genghis Tron Y - iamamiwhoami Illcoobe - Tokyo Megaplex Nerves - Bangs The Mixtape - EPROM Mary the Night (Zedd Remix) - Lady Gaga The Bottle Song - R3hab 100% in the Bitch - Porter Robinson

Autumn Mix EP

Andrew Monks: Cover Artist

Fenn Macon: Producer

A quick mix, made half while learning Ableton and half using Logic. Samples Used: Jon Brion - Phone Call 50gnar - Machine Elves Ciara - Promise

Make Noise Then Don't Stop Making It DJ Mix

Andrew Monks: Cover Artist


I made this as a fun project to keep me on my feet. With any luck, I’ll start actually dj-ing—not just for my friends or myself. Mad rad high-fives to anyone who actually dances to this.


TRACKS USED (in order)

[brackets] mean it was only in there for a second.

SL2 - On A Ragga Tip Ramadanman - Don’t Change For Me Jai Paul - BTSTU [James Brown - Funky Drummer] Avus - Real (Nathan Fake Remix) Modeselektor - Dancingbox M.I.A. - Bucky Done Gun Ghost - Think Ur Greezy Squarepusher - Come On My Selector Clipse - Ego Actress - Crushed Delorean - Stay Close [Four Tet - Smile Around The Face] Boy 8-Bit - Baltic Pine Luke Vibert - De-Pimp Act Major Lazer - Bruk Out Benga - Man On A Mission (Chef VIP Special) [Missy Elliott - Gossip Folks feat. Ludacris] Radiohead - Feral Nathan Fake - Fentiger [Autechre - Dropp/Daft Punk - Ouverture/Ice Cube - The First Day Of School/Common - The Food (Live)/DJ Shadow - Changeling (Transmission 1)] Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX - I’m New Here


Andrew Monks: Producer, Cover Artist

“KANYEFACTORTY//beta_shit is a quick 15-minute demo of some stuff I’ve worked on recently. I think it has a decent variety of sounds and samples, and it was all fun to make. Raw and unpolished.” —clown


SAMPLES: Astrud Gilberto Billy Paul Brad Mehldau Buena Vista Social Club Charles Mingus Funkadelic Gunsmoke Jens Lekman Kieth Jarrett Manzel Snoop Doggy Dogg Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans Toro Y Moi Towa Tei

Don't Fuck With The Witch Single

Andrew Monks: Producer, Cover Artist

Don’t Fuck With The Witch / Witch Bizness is a 5 minute / 5 section track by clown, composed of samples from Da Hip Hop Witch, a low-budget film featuring Eminem, Ja Rule, Mobb Deep, Pras, Rah Digga, Vitamin C, and Vanilla Ice, among others.