MAYBEWISE is playing at TRUEWAVE on the 29th of August, along with Flamingosis, and Louis Futon.

You know what they say. The first taste is sweet. But the second is the one that gets you hooked. TRUEWAVE is back like trapper keepers and lunchline cuts. We’d like to thank everyone who supported us with the first edition. Big Time Vibes. This time around we’ve tightened up a few things and brought on a few new residents. You can expect enhanced party visuals, songs that probably won’t wobble, vibes so thick you need 3 Slurpee straws, and room to actually dance. So drop by again Philly. No pressure. We’ll just be chillin.

Truly yours, TRUEWAVE

You can get tickets on eventbrite, or find more deets on TRUEWAVE’s Facebook