Real Name: Charlie Abbott

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Charlie Abbott is a DJ, musician, and a student of music technology at Oberlin Conservatory. He releases music as RYV.

Charlie, David Yanofsky, and Andrew Monks make up the Big Trucks.

Charlie is a former member of Countless Others.

Kuh-Lida mix for Oishii Katsudon News

Tokyo Megaplex



Myles Emmons (aka Kuh-Lida) (aka Animals Deluxe) just released a swaggy mix on Oishii Katsudon, Charlie Abbott’s Japanese-English music blog.

Oishii Katsudon writes,

Suuuper fortunate to host this yummy yummy mix from this boundary-pushing homie.  From dripping Matthewdavid jams, to the gamecube vibes from Tokyo Megaplex, to the glitched out atmospheres of Madegg, to the gro0oOoOvin bass heavy jams from the man himself, to the chops//edits//blends that’ll make you say (((o ya))), this mix will keep you on your feeet 4ever!!!!  Be sure to peep Kuh-Lida’s absolutely cla$$ic catalogue, visual arts collective Real Boy Digital, label Stereocure, and be on the lookout for some new Kuh-Lida tunes sooosooooooooon :D :D :D :D :D

Check out the mix over at Oishii Katsudon

Oishii Katsudon News


Oishii Katsudon is a new blog in Japanese and English led by Charlie Abbott, aka RYV.

Charlie has the inside scoop on the burgeoning Kyoto production scene, so this is definitely a site to watch. I’ve always wanted him to recommend me music every day. Now he can.

Here’s an excerpt from a feature they recently published on Madegg.

Thoughtfully experimental, hyper compressed, Kyoto-based artist Madegg is our first artist feature. Having recently performed alongside artists like Ryoji Ikeda, FaltyDL, The Field, Tim Hecker, and more, Madegg has been picking up steam in the last year or so.

With a dense, 11-album catalog of original material released since 2010 through some of Japan’s d0pest labels for electronic and experimental music, Madegg’s sonic style delivers thought provoking brain massages.

Check out the rest on Oishii Katsudon

4​/​4​/​4​/​4 Linear Coffee Loops News


RYV self-released 4​/​4​/​4​/​4 Linear Coffee Loops as part of his TiMARA Junior Recital.

Check it out on his bandcamp

RYV Interview in Decoder Magazine Press


Decoder Magazine just posted a FANTASTIC interview with RYV. Super interesting tidbits about his life in Japan, his creative process, and his new album, Hwut.

RYV in Portals Press


RYV was just written up in Portals. Check it out:

RYV‘s Charlie Abbot creates an otherworldly soundscape on his latest release, hwut. Between manipulated hiccups, sighs, and little burps of beauty, “yaspring” keeps the listener on their toes. Currently abroad in Japan, Abbot has been inspired by local artists like Magical Mistakes and Seiho. The result of which is made clear in this short, though statement-making, release.

can-f Video

Andrew Monks: Director

RYV: Producer

Video by Andrew Monks for can-f by RYV, off of the Bedroom Classics Vol. 1 compilation on Belgian Man Records.



Bedroom Classics Vol. 1 Compilation

5am: Contributor, Masterer

A. Campbell Payne: Contributor

B∩MSTEAD: Contributor

David Yanofsky: Cover Artist

Dephrase: Contributor

EXIN MUSIC: Contributor

Kittenmildew: Contributor

Kuh-Lida: Contributor

LEAFTYPE: Contributor

Luc Lacerte: Masterer

Max Krieger: Contributor

Modus: Contributor

RYV: Contributor

Rave Matthew's Band: Contributor

SCRVB: Contributor

Tokyo Megaplex: Contributor

Bedroom Classics Vol. 1 is the second compilation album from Belgian Man Records. It includes sixteen previously unreleased tracks, each by a different artist.

Check out the video for can-f at http://vimeo.com/belgianman/can-f


Check out Andrew Monks’ video for can-f dropping later today on http://belgianman.com

Album cover by David Yanofsky

Alternate covers by David Dolan, Matthew Gallagher, Max Krieger, and Owen McGarry

Mastering by Luc Lacerte and Sam Andrus


RYV: Producer

David Yanofsky: Cover Artist

Luc Lacerte: Masterer

REDYELLOWVIOLET is the debut solo release by Charlie Abbott. Charlie is a student of Technology In Music And Related Arts, at Oberlin College’s conservatory. He is a member of the Big Trucks, and previously of Countless Others.

It contains a remix of Cold Front, by Scrub MC.


Music by Charlie Abbott http://blgn.mn/abbott Album cover by David Yanofsky http://blgn.mn/david Album cover photography by Jon Daigle http://frogstring.deviantart.com/ Mastering by Luc Lacerte http://blgn.mn/luc