VIDEOJAMZ #3 - Kuh-Lida + a peek behind the scenes Demo

Fenn Macon: Video

Kuh-Lida: Music

This videojam has 2 Kuh-Lida songs on it, “Riding Shotgun In The Batmobile” and “Things I Have Done [iloveyouall]” from his album High Top Blazers. As you can see, I kind of set this one loose and watched what it came up with, which blew me away. Also, to get the process started, I had to fiddle with some stuff in my patch. I usually do this with touchOSC or with a separate monitor, but in keeping with Kuh-Lida’s Chicago roots, this was a quick and dirty jam.

Mhmm Video

Andrew Monks: Director

Modus: Producer

New single by Modus on Belgian Man Records

((fully realtime)) visuals by Andrew Monks

can-f Video

Andrew Monks: Director

RYV: Producer

Video by Andrew Monks for can-f by RYV, off of the Bedroom Classics Vol. 1 compilation on Belgian Man Records.

Belgian Man Apocalypse 2012 Live

Tokyo Megaplex: Performer

Andrew Monks: Visualist

Arjun Mathur: Performer

Fenn Macon: Performer

Rave Matthew's Band: Performer

SCRVB: Performer

Belgian Man Apocalypse 2012
held on 12/21/2012 by Belgian Man Reocrds, at Arjuntina |

Shot by Charlie Abbott

Edited (barely) by Andrew Monks

Tokyo Megaplex |
Fenn Macon |
MC Scrub |
Rave Matthew’s Band |
Leaftype |

visuals by CLOWN |

Moth, by Jordan Parker Darling + David Yanofsky Video

David Yanofsky: Director

Song: Retrospective Contemplation, by Jordan Parker Darling
Video By David Yanofsky.

Find Parker Darling’s Music at, and his album, My Forgotten Shadow Sibling, at

Heartwell Collective

My Father Was a Saint Too Video

David Yanofsky: Director

Countless Others: Producer

Music By Countless Others, Video By David Yanofsky
The video is found 16mm footage and original hand-processed 16mm film.
This is a shorter version of the song for the video, Check out Countless Others music at and check out David’s work at

Invisible Children and Sam Fisher freestyle at Arjun's — 8/8/11 Live

SCRVB: Performer

Live Freestyle by Invisible Children (Judd Mitchell) and Sam Fisher (of Countless Others) at Arjun’s on 8/8/2011. Check out more music by Countless Others at, and more music by Invisible Children at

Tokyo Megaplex Live! At Arjun's 4/22/2011 Live

Tokyo Megaplex: Performer

Live performance by Tokyo Megaplex (Christopher Knollmeyer and DJ Kristöffer) at Arjun’s house on 4/22/2011. Check out more music by Christopher Knollmeyer at and more music by DJ Kristöffer at

Sophie's Basement Show Live

Tokyo Megaplex: Performer

DJ Kristöffer plays the first ever Tokyo Megaplex live set at Sophie’s Basement Show IV: The Final Battle?öffer/173536599362895

Download DJ Kristöffer’s Album “Blunt Roller Coaster” for free here: